Cleveland Browns’ Housecleaning is Officially Inevitable

You know, there was a point in the past couple weeks where I thought that maybe, just maybe, the Cleveland Browns might not clean house at season’s end. I don’t know why, quite honestly. The team has been a disaster all season long, and has been focusing on draft position since Week 6.

However, something about coach Mike Pettine throwing the book at Johnny Manziel and choosing to start Austin Davis at quarterback this week seemed to indicate he might actually be around next year. It seemed to be some sort of blessing from owner Jimmy Haslam that he was washing his hands of Manziel and letting Pettine make power moves because he’ll be back in 2016.

After today, that faint belief Haslam wasn’t going to completely blow Cleveland’s front office up for the third time since 2012 has been eviscerated. Pettine and GM Ray Farmer, along with the rest of their staff, need to spend the next few days buffing up their respective resumes. On Monday, January 4, it’s tough to believe these guys won’t be unemployed.

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