It’s Time for Browns GM Ray Farmer to Answer for Some Major Mistakes

Throughout this still-young season, Cleveland Browns coach Mike Pettine has had to answer more than a few tough questions about his team.

He’s had to explain why an offense built to rely on the running game ranks 25th in rushing yards per game. He’s been questioned as to why Cleveland’s defense, supposedly the biggest strength of the team, has been a pure abomination this year. Mainly, Pettine has been peppered with many inquiries about why a team which showed a sense of progress last season now looks like it’s headed for regression.

However, some of the answers Pettine has had to give are for problems he technically isn’t responsible for. The coach doesn’t make the final call on the Browns’ draft picks. Free agent signings are above his pay-grade, as well.

These are things a GM is responsible for. Ray Farmer, the man holding this position for Cleveland, should be the one answering for these issues, especially since more than a few are currently glaring problems. However, Farmer has yet to make any press appearances this season.

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