Neither Side Won the Contract Standoff Between Tristan Thompson and the Cavs

As most of us now know, the seemingly unending contract dispute between the Cleveland Cavaliers and restricted free agent Tristan Thompson finally came to a conclusion last night. After over five months of back-and-forth among the two sides, word broke Thompson and Cleveland have agreed on a five-year, $82 million contract. The final number was higher than the Cavs’ initial $80 million offer, but less than the $94 million max offer Thompson was after.

When things like these finally come to an end, people tend to try and figure out who won the dispute. Some are saying the Cavs won this standoff, mainly due to the fact they avoided buckling to Thompson’s demands of a max contract. Others believe Thompson pulled off the win due to the fact he’s being overpaid by Cleveland.

The truth in all of this is actually much simpler: nobody won this standoff.

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