Tough to Buy Into Cleveland Indians’ Wild Card Hopes

I’ve had more than few things to say about the Cleveland Indians throughout their 2015 season. The words “underwhelming,” “disappointing” and “letdown” have been tossed around in more than a few of my articles about a team some thought would be a legit contender this year. It’s the kind of thing that happens when a team given that kind of preseason prediction spends almost all of the following months below .500.

However, lo and behold, the Indians technically aren’t out of it just yet. With a little over a month remaining in the season, the Tribe is just five games back of the final AL wild card spot. Astounding, really, since the team is still six games below .500. Be that as it may, thanks to an underwhelming American League, Cleveland is still somehow playing remotely meaningful baseball.

That said, is this reason for fans to get excited? Should the next few weeks be spent anxiously keeping an eye on the standings under the belief the Indians could slowly but surely climb closer to a playoff spot?

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