Mo Williams Signing Even More Vital for Cavs After Latest News on Kyrie Irving

In terms of this summer’s NBA free agency, the Cleveland Cavaliers didn’t make too many splashes outside of bringing back their own players.

Of course, re-signing LeBron James and Kevin Love obviously shouldn’t be looked at as minor moves. At the same time, no major players were brought into the organization in attempts to boost a team which was just two wins away from an NBA title.

Longtime vet Richard Jefferson was acquired on a small deal, and Russian center Sasha Kaun finally came to America to sign with the Cavs for the first time since the team acquired his draft rights in 2008. Other than these two moves, Cleveland orchestrated a small homecoming by acquiring point guard Mo Williams.

On the surface, none of these were significant game-changers. Today, we learned at least one of them is.

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