Cleveland Browns May Have a Bust on Their Hands in Justin Gilbert

You know what’s never a good thing to have happen to an NFL cornerback? Having his name blow up on Twitter because of how badly he’s being torched by opposing wideouts. In a practice session.

This is what took place throughout this morning as the Cleveland Browns shared a practice with the Buffalo Bills. The cornerback in question is Cleveland’s first overall draft pick from last season, Justin Gilbert. This is also fresh off last week’s preseason opener in which Gilbert was yards behind almost every receiver he covered.

There’s still a few weeks remaining in the offseason before things really get going, so technically Gilbert has time to get his act together. That said, this isn’t what you want to hear about a player the team hoped would be the perfect complement to start alongside Pro Bowler Joe Haden. Right now, there has to be sizable concern the Browns wasted a pick on Gilbert, who looks more and more like a bust every day.

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