Travis Benjamin Could Be Big Surprise for Cleveland Browns This Year

I’ll be the first to admit I wrote off wideout Travis Benjamin coming into this season.

The Cleveland Browns’ 2012 draft pick possessed lightning speed, but appeared to have lost some of it after a 2013 ACL tear. His impact the following year was minimal, and the team’s hopes to continue utilizing him as a punt return specialist were dashed when fumbles became a significant issue.

So, when asked who I thought could potentially be cut this training camp, I thought Benjamin would be a likely candidate. Fact is, there are a lot of players vying for a roster spot at receiver this offseason, and Benjamin’s declining skills didn’t help matters for him.

Which is why I’m stunned to hear that, not only is Benjamin having a phenomenal camp, he’s essentially been the best wideout on the team so far. And, if he can keep this up, he might actually be an incredibly viable weapon on an offense which needs one now more than ever.

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