Time For Johnny Manziel to Prove He’s Progressed with Cleveland Browns

For the second summer in a row, Johnny Manziel is one of the key storylines for the Cleveland Browns. However, his training camp this year is night and day when compared to last season.

Last year, it was Manziel mania in Cleveland. The flashy rookie’s presence at camp attracted media outlets across the country dying to see if his highlight-stealing college performances could translate to the NFL. His struggles were there for everyone to witness, but the push for the Browns to make him a starter was coming from all angles.

This summer, the hype has significantly declined. After Manziel crashed and burned in his NFL debut – and followed it up with a trip to rehab – the media seemed to lose some interest. However, even though he doesn’t have the cameras following him anymore, Manziel is still grabbing some headlines. This time, it’s for the right reasons.

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