No Surprise to Hear Indians Grew Tired of Nick Swisher’s Attitude

After essentially one good month in less than three seasons, two knee surgeries and a ton of money spent, the Nick Swisher era with the Cleveland Indians came to an end after he was traded to the Atlanta Braves last week. Despite being welcomed by the fans upon his signing before the 2013 season, there weren’t too many tears shed from Indians supporters upon hearing the news Swisher was gone.

This, of course, isn’t too surprising. Cleveland fans saw Swisher, a transparently happy-go-lucky guy, making $15 million a year despite batting a hefty .198 with the team this season.

What may seem surprising, though, is the report from NEMG’s Zack Meisel claiming the fans weren’t the only ones relieved to see Swisher gone. According to Meisel, Swisher’s teammates had grown tired of the bubbly persona, and weren’t too torn up upon hearing he’d been traded.

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