Cleveland Browns Front Office Needs to Get Its Act Together Fast

We were so close, weren’t we? It seemed like it had been forever since a story broke about the seemingly always toxic atmosphere within the front office of the Cleveland Browns.

Unfortunately, the streak came to a close yesterday.

Tony Grossi of ESPN Cleveland reported the departure of the Browns’ director of player engagement, Jamil Northcutt. It seems Northcutt was the guilty party when it came to delivering GM Ray Farmer’s illegal text messages to the coaching staff during game days last year. Northcutt – again, someone who has no business in anything regarding coaching – reportedly also confronted coaches during games regarding strategy.

Northcutt being ousted sure sounds like a win. However, the move also seems like one which indicates a still-ongoing power struggle between Farmer and coach Mike Pettine.

Memo to both of these guys: you better start fixing the rift between the two of you, and do it fast. Your jobs are on the line.

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