Cleveland Cavaliers May Have New Plan for Brendan Haywood Contract

It’s been quite some time since a rumor popped up regarding the Cleveland Cavaliers and Brendan Haywood. As you’ll recall, Haywood’s contract is appealing around the NBA since a team could clear $10.5 million in cap space if they acquired the forward and waived him before July 31. Just a couple weeks ago, there seemed to be a handful of interested teams reaching out to the Cavs to see if a deal could be done.

Now? Well, if there are any talks going on regarding Haywood’s contract, they certainly aren’t loud enough for anyone to hear. Once free agency kicked off, names like Joe Johnson, Jamal Crawford and Nick Young were all tossed around as potential players Cleveland could receive in exchange for the right to waive Haywood. As of now, though, these rumors have definitely quieted down.

It appears the reasoning for this may be a change of plans for the Cavs. Instead of trying to acquire a significant player, Cleveland is reportedly becoming more intrigued about the idea of sending Haywood’s contract to a team with plenty of cap space in hopes of getting a trade option in return. And, at this point, this might actually be a better plan for the Cavs.

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