Terrelle Pryor Shows He’s Serious About Becoming a Receiver for Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns training camp begins in just a couple weeks, and for the second year in a row, significant attention will be paid to a former prolific college quarterback. However, it may not be the one you’d expect.

Shortly after OTAs ended, the Browns acquired former Ohio State standout Terrelle Pryor. After bouncing around the league over the past couple seasons, Pryor joins Cleveland in hopes of keeping his NFL career alive. In order to do so, he’s changing positions.

Since Pryor struggled as a pro QB, he’ll heading into Browns camp trying out as a receiver. On paper, it certainly makes sense, as he’s an incredibly gifted athlete who used his speed to evade tacklers throughout college. That said, switching positions in the NFL is hardly a cakewalk, and there’s a decent chance Pryor can’t make the transition.

Based on his Instagram account, he’s well aware of this, and is doing everything he possibly can to ensure he’s ready to be a wideout.

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