Cleveland Cavaliers Pursuing David West Doesn’t Make Sense

There are two big names the Cleveland Cavaliers are currently rumored to be after right now as we navigate through NBA free agency. One, as discussed yesterday, is Brooklyn Nets guard Joe Johnson. Word is those trade talks with the Nets may have hit a snag though, which is no surprise considering Cleveland is already facing a tough cap situation and would have to acquire Johnson’s $24.8 million salary in the deal.

The other Cavs target at the moment is forward David West. The former Indiana Pacer turned down his player option with the team, making him an unrestricted free agent. At age 34 (turning 35 in August), West seems less interested in money and more with contending for a championship.

Clearly he could do such a thing with Cleveland, who is rumored to have “huge interest” in acquiring him. Despite this, there seem to be a few red flags surrounding the Cavs and their pursuit of West which make this all a little odd.

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