Plenty of Risk Involved for Cleveland Cavaliers with Rumored Joe Johnson Interest

While Cleveland Cavaliers fans wait for LeBron James to finish waiting for the team to re-sign Tristan Thompson, it’s easy to forget there is still a huge asset remaining on the roster. This would be the now-famous contract of Brendan Haywood.

As soon as the Cavs signed Haywood last offseason, the only thing you heard about was his contract and how big a trading chip it could be. His deal is nonguaranteed this upcoming season, so if a team were to acquire and waive him before August 1, said franchise would clear $10.5 million off their books.

There are plenty of cap-strapped teams in the NBA who could definitely find something like this appealing. And, according to the latest news, the Cavs might be setting up a possible deal to finally make this move.

In a report by ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, Cleveland is reportedly discussing a Haywood trade with the Brooklyn Nets. In exchange for Haywood, the Nets would send back sharpshooter Joe Johnson.

However, while the deal may have plenty of intrigue surrounding it, this hardly means the Cavs should pull the trigger. As it stands, there plenty of risks the team needs to consider before moving forward with acquiring Johnson.

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