Jamal Crawford a Much Better Option Than Joe Johnson for Cleveland Cavaliers

It seems as though the Cleveland Cavaliers are still exploring multiple options when it comes to trading the famous Brendan Haywood contract.

As of Sunday, the team was reportedly interested in a deal with the Brooklyn Nets which would send Haywood’s deal and (probably) Anderson Varejao over in exchange for guard Joe Johnson. Lately, though, it appears Cleveland has cooled on such a trade. Unsurprisingly, much of their hesitation is rooted in having to pay Johnson’s $24.8 million price tag, a large ask for a team already over the cap.

According to reports, the Cavs’ souring on the Johnson trade has them considering another offer. This one would be with the Los Angeles Clippers, specifically centered on veteran Jamal Crawford. For many reasons, such a trade would be a much better scenario than anything involving Johnson.

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