After Sweeping Tampa, Can the Cleveland Indians Finally Start Living Up to Their Potential?

The amount of times I’ve found myself saying “ok, this is finally the turning point for the Cleveland Indians” this year, only to watch the team fall apart immediately afterwards is almost too high to count.

There was the game against the Toronto Blue Jays in which the Tribe fell behind 6-1 and rallied to win. The hot streak the team ran off in the month of May. Two separate blowout victories over a Detroit Tigers team which Cleveland always seems to make look like gods.

Each time, you thought this particular moment would spark the Indians. This would finally shake this underperforming team out of its doldrums and get it playing up to its potential. And each time, Cleveland fell back off the rails, often in the very next game.

So, when I find myself starting to think the same thing after the Indians wrapped up an impressively one-sided four-game sweep of the Tampa Bay Rays, it makes me a little nervous. Eight games out of first place, the door isn’t completely shut on Cleveland, but there’s minimal room for error. Back-to-back series against two very good teams in the Pittsburgh Pirates and Houston Astros await the Indians after their surprising performance against Tampa.

Here we are once again, asking if maybe, just maybe, Cleveland is finally about to turn the corner.

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