Kevin Love’s Latest Commitment to Cleveland Likely to Be Ignored by Media

Even when Kevin Love isn’t playing, he still seems to be the center of constant drama.

His team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, just steamrolled its way to the NBA Finals. The Cavs appear to have a legit chance to end the city of Cleveland’s championship drought, one which has gone on since 1964. You’d think, because of this, things surrounding the team would be nothing but positive.

As we know, though, this is never the case when there’s a significant pending free agent on the roster. Love, who’s been out since the first round thanks to a dislocated shoulder, can potentially opt out of his contract with the Cavs this summer. If you listen to almost every media source outside of Northeast Ohio, you should consider Love a goner come July, off to join the Boston Celtics or Los Angeles Lakers or any team but Cleveland.

Of course, if you listen to Love, you’d be hard-pressed to assume any of the rumors of his upcoming departure are as guaranteed as they sound.

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