Rehab Currently Having No On-Field Impact for Johnny Manziel

By now, everyone knows the story with Johnny Manziel. The Cleveland Browns quarterback had a disastrous rookie season, losing the trust of teammates and coaches alike. He took to rehab in order to rid his life of the off-the-field issues which plagued him throughout the year, hoping to try and rebuild his shattered potential.

After spending over two months in a treatment facility, many wondered just how much change would be witnessed when it comes to Manziel. So far, he’s been earning rave reviews with his dedication to getting his career back on track. Teammates have been going on and on about how different the quarterback has been, how he’s wowed everyone with his newfound “first guy in, last guy out” mentality.

With this week came the first OTA sessions in Cleveland, as well as everyone’s first look at how Manziel’s time in rehab affected his play on the field. While the positive accolades for his choices off the field are great, it’s how he looks in live-action which will determine just how much a difference his time seeking help really made.

Right now, while things seem great for Manziel’s personal life, it doesn’t look like much has changed once he takes the field.

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