Assuming the Cleveland Cavaliers Don’t Stand a Chance in NBA Finals is Laughable

We’re still three days away from the start of the NBA Finals, which leaves plenty of time for people to throw out their predictions and hot takes. Everyone seems to have their opinion as far as why they believe the Golden State Warriors or Cleveland Cavaliers are their pick to be eventual champions.

What’s caught my eye, though, is the large amount of pundits who seem to believe Cleveland doesn’t stand a chance. Even here on Rant, some are of the mind the Cavs will have to be markedly better to “even win one game” (apparently Warriors coach Steve Kerr is the only coach in the league with access to game film).

I certainly understand those who believe Golden State is going to win. You can say the Warriors are the better team. You can say they played in a tougher conference, that they navigated through a more difficult road to the Finals. You can also note how, for the most part, Golden State doesn’t have the injury issues Cleveland has (especially since Klay Thompson is reportedly expected to start this Thursday).

All of these things are facts, 100% correct.

But, do they all combine to prove the Cavs just don’t stand a chance against the Warriors? Does it make Cleveland an outright underdog, one which should prepare to get throttled in four games, five if they’re lucky?

Call it bias all you want, but I’m sorry, I don’t buy that for a second.

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