Cleveland Cavaliers’ Tristan Thompson Has Truly Earned a Massive Contract

Earlier this year, word broke regarding a contract offer the Cleveland Cavaliers made towards forward Tristan Thompson, a restricted free agent this coming summer. The deal was reportedly for $52 million across four years, and based on Thompson’s time with the team, it could easily be seen as a little above his market value.

Thompson’s previous three years in Cleveland could essentially be labeled as “good, not great.” He showed potential here and there, but not enough to stop people from wondering if he was possibly a first-round bust. However, since he was under the same agency as new teammate LeBron James, many believed it would result in Thompson being overpaid this year.

As the Cavs prepare for the NBA Finals, one thing has become pretty clear: Thompson is indeed going to get paid a lot of money this summer. At the same time, it will have nothing to do with his agency ties to James. No, if Thompson gets a big offer this summer, it’ll be because he’s earned every cent.

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