With Finals Berth, Cleveland Cavaliers’ David Blatt Officially Off the Hot Seat

I know, the headline sounds like a real hot take, doesn’t it? The head coach of a team in the NBA Finals should no longer worry about losing his job. The sky is blue, grass is green.

If this were any other team, yeah, such a statement would be incredibly obvious. But, this is the Cleveland Cavaliers and David Blatt we’re talking about. And, if there was ever a moment where you could pretty much guarantee the Cavs coach – enduring an incredibly dramatic and stressful rookie season – would be back next year, it was when the clock hit zero this past Tuesday.

As soon as Cleveland finished off their Game 4 spanking of the Atlanta Hawks, sweeping its way into the Finals, Blatt essentially received the most job security he’s had since stepping foot in Ohio. It’s odd that the Cavs, entering the postseason as the No. 2 seed in the Eastern Conference, would ever remotely consider a coaching change in the offseason. But, as we know, things weren’t always peachy for Blatt.

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