Browns GM Ray Farmer Makes Alarming Claim in Pre-Draft Press Conference

This morning, Cleveland Browns GM Ray Farmer conducted a pre-draft press conference. To the surprise of nobody, not much of substance was said. As we know, smokescreens are never more prominent than during the lead-up to the NFL Draft. It would have been an incredibly stunning turn of events if Farmer – or any league exec, for that matter – revealed anything remotely related to their draft strategy.

That said, despite spending most of the conference not really saying much beyond the rote “we’ll plan accordingly” responses, there was something Farmer claimed which caught my attention. He was asked whether or not he feels the Browns are doing a better job this year at background checks of potential prospects than they did last year. His answer seemed to imply that, not only are they currently doing great work in researching character issues with possible draft targets, the team also did just fine in this department last year, as well.

“No. Not one iota do I feel like we missed it or we didn’t do it.”

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