Cleveland Cavaliers Far From Flawless So Far This Postseason

During Cleveland Cavaliers coach David Blatt’s post-game press conference last night, a staffer brought him up a paper cup of water. As soon as it was received, Blatt looked at the cup and joked “Is that the one with vodka in it?”

At surface level, you would assume a comment like this would come after a tough loss which put his team into an 0-2 hole. Yet, the exact opposite occurred last night. The Cavs took on the Boston Celtics in Game 2, and were once again able to hold off any and all rallies to give themselves a 2-0 series lead.

However, despite the sizable advantage Cleveland has over the Celtics, there was reason for Blatt to request a bit of a harder drink after last night’s game. Yes, the Cavs have indeed shown flashes of greatness in this series. However, if they truly want to fulfill the championship goals laid in front of them, they have more than a few things to clean up beforehand.

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