Scrappy Celtics are Exactly What Cleveland Cavaliers Needed in First Round

The Cleveland Cavaliers faced their first playoff road game of the year last night, heading to New England to take on the Boston Celtics. Game 3, much like the previous two in this series, involved a lot of back-and-forth between the two teams, with the Cavs having some periods of disorder while Boston overachieved once again.

In the end, though, Cleveland’s talent proved too much, as a couple of late daggers from Kevin Love gave the team a 103-95 win and a 3-0 series lead. The Cavs look to close out Boston this Sunday, hoping to sweep their way into the next round and what looks to be a matchup against the Chicago Bulls.

Now, had you read my latest piece on the Cavs – or took a glance at my Twitter feed during last night’s game – you would see I had a few concerns about the way the team is going about this series with Boston. Cleveland wasn’t so much flexing their muscles in blowouts most expected, instead merely just ensuring the Celtics never got closer than arm’s reach. Since the Bulls will obviously post a tougher challenge, myself and others were a bit worried about the Cavs’ lack of killer instinct against a lesser opponent.

That said, after having some time to digest the series up to this point, I feel like I’ve taken a different approach to this opening round. Does Cleveland still have some things to clean up? You bet. However, the team not being able to completely roll over Boston isn’t really the worst thing in the world. In fact, receiving everything the Celtics have and more might be the best result the Cavs can ask for.

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