It’s Not Too Early to Worry About the Cleveland Indians

“It’s too soon to stress out about this team.”

“They’ll turn it around, it’s only April.”

“That’s why they play 162 games.”

You’ll often hear these and other various optimism-laced comments whenever a baseball team gets off to a slow start when opening a new year. Currently, these kinds of things are being said about the Cleveland Indians, who are indeed tripping over themselves in these early weeks of the season. A 4-8 start wasn’t exactly what many thought would happen for a team selected by many to be a surprise contender this year. There’s still a ton of time left, sure, but there are a lot of words you could use to describe this club right now, and “inspiring” isn’t exactly one of them.

Can you be eliminated from playoff contention in April? Of course not. That said, the problems this Indians team is enduring to start what appeared to be a hopeful season are becoming deeply concerning. Additionally, it’s not just that Cleveland is losing more than they’re winning, it’s just exactly how they’re doing so that has fans leaning towards the panic button.

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