LeBron James Finally Taking the Right Approach with Kevin Love

Coming into this postseason – and, frankly, throughout most of the regular season – much of the talk surrounding the Cleveland Cavaliers focused on star forward Kevin Love.

As we know, Love’s season hasn’t entirely been what people were expecting from him when he joined forces with LeBron James and Kyrie Irving in Cleveland. His stats took a significant decline, he’s been in the middle of various rumors about wanting to leave the team at season’s end and, of course, he’s dealt with numerous questions and storylines about whether or not he and James get along.

As Love prepared for his first ever NBA playoff game this past weekend, many seemed to wonder if his inexperience at this stage may cause issues on the court. Already having a difficult time fitting into his role with the Cavs, there was no way of knowing whether or not these issues would increase during the most important time of the year. And, with James seemingly hard-pressed to bring a title to Cleveland, you couldn’t help but ponder about just how the NBA’s best player would react if Love struggled to pull his weight this postseason.

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