The CLE Sports Talk Podcast – Episode 121 – 2.25.18

On this week’s CLE Sports Talk podcast, I discuss the impact of the Cavs deciding they’re no longer interested in tanking. I then check in on the Indians as they kick off spring training action, and wrap it up with a vent on how their quiet offseason has opened the door for a new challenger in the AL Central. Check … More The CLE Sports Talk Podcast – Episode 121 – 2.25.18

Trevor Bauer’s Arbitration is Another Black Eye for the Indians’ Offseason

If you’re a Cleveland Indians fan, you’re sure to be counting down the weeks until Opening Day. However, you’re likely doing so not because you’re eager to get this season started, but instead to put an admittedly frustrating offseason behind you. Full article here Casey Drottar is an independent sports writer. Subscribe to his podcast, or follow him on Twitter and Facebook