The Threat of a Cancelled Season Casts Doubt Over Domingo Santana’s Future with the Indians

Alex Trautwig-MLB Photos via Getty Images

Well, it appears we’re finally nearing a conclusion to MLB’s long and, let’s face it, embarrassing money fight.

Not a pleasant one, mind you. Commissioner Rob Manfred mandating a season at least confirms we have 60 games of baseball on this summer’s schedule. However, the lack of an actual agreement between players and owners ensures everyone will remain angry at each other for the foreseeable future.

Still, if there’s any silver lining to this, it’s that we now know how long the 2020 season will be. Yet, as we learned this past weekend, that ultimately may not matter.

As long as the coronavirus pandemic remains in the picture, the threat of a cancelled season will be right there alongside it. There remains a real chance that we finally see an end to MLB’s ugly, often petty infighting and still not watch a single inning of baseball this summer.

The list of players a scrapped 2020 season would impact is lengthy, to say the least. Among those who’d feel the brunt of this is recent Cleveland Indians signee Domingo Santana.

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