MLB, Players Should be Ashamed of the Current State of Baseball

Alex Trautwig-WBCI/MLB via Getty Images

Well, it appears we’re (maybe) on the verge of (potentially) receiving some much-needed (but not guaranteed) clarity on the 2020 baseball season.

Sorry, you really have no choice but to use as many caveats as possible any time we’re talking about a conclusion to this mess. That’s especially true after this week, when a brief moment of positivity arrived in the form of a potential agreement between MLB and the players union, only to be snuffed out by the rage and anger that have become the trademark of these negotiations.

Regardless, we’re now approaching two potential outcomes. Either everyone agrees on the 60-game season MLB proposed this week, or commissioner Rob Manfred mandates a campaign about 50 games in length. The former seems lofty, the latter will likely be followed by a grievance from the players.

A decision is expected Monday, which should hopefully bring an end to a bitter and lengthy fight, one between two sides hellbent on beating each other.

Here’s the thing, though — nobody won.

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