Tyronn Lue Deserves Massive Praise for Turning Cleveland Cavaliers Around

As the Cleveland Cavaliers’ regular season neared its conclusion, I, like many others, wasn’t seeing the kind of impact promised by the promotion of coach Tyronn Lue. When he took over back in January after David Blatt was sent packing, everyone assumed the changes would be instant. The players reportedly couldn’t stand Blatt, but had the utmost respect for Lue. Therefore, it was quite confusing to see the Cavs endure the same issues through the remainder of the season despite the coaching change.

At that time, it was easy to gripe about the lack of positive results. Today, as Cleveland gears up for Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals, it’s now easy to see the kind of impact Lue is having with this team. It may have taken longer than everyone initially hoped, but Lue has now completely turned the Cavaliers around.

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