Cleveland Cavaliers Show Too Much Balance for Toronto Raptors to Handle

After spending last round going scorched earth from long-range on the Atlanta Hawks, everyone began re-labeling the Cleveland Cavaliers. Suddenly, the Cavs were being referred to as a “three-point” team, one which focused solely on beating you from beyond the arc. It really wasn’t too surprising, especially since Cleveland drained a record amount of threes while running the Hawks out of the gym in four games.

At the same time, LeBron James was having none of it. In fact, whenever anyone asked him about the Cavs becoming strictly a three-point shooting team, he would get a little miffed. It seemed to be less about the success Cleveland was having from distance and more about it being pigeon-holed to one style of basketball.

Whatever the matter, James seemed intent to convince everyone the Cavs were much more multi-faceted. Consider last night’s Eastern Conference Finals opener against the Toronto Raptors as Exhibit A.

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