Cleveland Indians’ Trevor Bauer Has Earned His Starting Job Back

The Cleveland Indians made quite a strange move when they finalized their starting rotation before the start of the season. Instead of leaving either veteran Josh Tomlin or up-and-comer Cody Anderson as the odd man out as many expected, Cleveland kept both as starters. To make room, the Tribe sent Trevor Bauer to the bullpen.

Many were confused to see Bauer, who’s been a starter with the team since 2013, get demoted to the pen. While he wasn’t seen as the team’s ace, he was one of the steadier hands in the rotation more often than not, at least to the point everyone assumed his job wasn’t up for grabs.

Just a month into the season, an injury and some under-performance within the rotation have led to Bauer finding himself starting again. If the Indians were smart, they’d leave him where he is from here on out. Bauer has indeed earned his job back.

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