Cleveland Browns Deserve Credit for Handling of the RG3 Process

Another day, another indication the Cleveland Browns might be moving forward in signing another quarterback.

Per Jay Glazer of Fox Sports, coaches and GMs at the NFL owners meeting taking place in Boca believe the Browns will get a deal done with former Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III. Though nothing is official, it’s becoming clear there’s a lot more happening with Griffin than what we heard regarding Cleveland’s trade talks with San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick.

The potential move itself has been evaluated to death. Griffin would be a risky signing, is injury prone and may require extra attention in order to try and repair his confidence. The Browns don’t look anything like a contender, and signing Griffin wouldn’t change that. Cleveland’s new coach Hue Jackson is seen league-wide as a quarterback guru, and the match would appear to be a solid one if Griffin indeed joins the team.

However, while everyone is analyzing the potential marriage between Griffin and Cleveland, not enough credit is being given to the team regarding it’s been going about this whole process. Quite frankly, despite the Browns always being known for making the wrong moves, it’s tough to argue against the fact they’ve been doing everything right in their pursuit of Griffin.

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