LeBron James’ Twitter Drama Is Getting Annoying

The Cleveland Cavaliers clinched the Central Division title last night with their dominant win over the Denver Nuggets. Of course, the game itself wasn’t the main headline for this team yesterday, nor was it LeBron James’ triple-double. No, instead we had to talk Twitter again.

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One thought on “LeBron James’ Twitter Drama Is Getting Annoying

  1. I don’t get this LeBron twitter activity. I’m trying to make sense of it but it doesn’t make sense. I think it makes for a real interesting off-season if they don’t win in the playoffs. Only time will tell but as fair as I can tell right now LBJ is not happy. We’ll see what the Cavs can do to make him happy. Also, if you have a bit of time, you think you could check out my post about LBJ and tell me what you think? http://hardnosports.com/2016/03/22/question-of-the-day-why-does-lebron-act-like-a-13-year-old-girl/

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