Mike Pettine Likely Lying in Statement Naming Johnny Manziel Browns’ Starter

Yesterday, numerous reports began surfacing claiming the Cleveland Browns were officially handing the starting quarterback job back to Johnny Manziel. Mind you, these weren’t rumblings on Twitter, nor were they unconfirmed rumors. It seemed each story left no room for questions, and that Manziel was indeed headed back to the field.

Of course, this wasn’t the case if you asked coach Mike Pettine, He opened yesterday’s press conference by claiming no starter had been determined just yet. He claimed he would discuss it with Manziel and Austin Davis (the third of Cleveland’s quarterbacks to have taken the field this year) and make the call from there.

The funny thing was, nobody bought it. None of the media members who claimed the move was already made doubled back, making caveats and saying “never mind, this situation is still fluid.” Even as Pettine tried to leave the window open for Davis to get another start, the rest of the world knew Manziel was getting the nod Sunday.

Today, Pettine gave an official confirmation nobody really needed, saying that, yes, Manziel was indeed Cleveland’s starter now. In the release stating the Browns were making their sixth (yes, sixth) quarterback change this season, Pettine said something which definitely caught my eye.

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