Tough Love from LeBron James Exactly What Timofey Mozgov Needs

Earlier today, an ESPN story was released about the Cleveland Cavaliers, specifically covering the dynamic between LeBron James and center Timofey Mozgov.

James has hardly been subtle in conveying his opinion on how his teammates have played so far this year. Despite the 8-3 record, the Cavs haven’t exactly been playing to the best of their abilities. This has been highlighted lately thanks to a two-game losing streak, including last night’s loss to the Detroit Pistons where they squandered numerous opportunities for a victory.

However, much of James’ emotion has been focused on Mozgov. Per the ESPN story, James has been showing the Russian center plenty of tough love throughout the still-young season. He’s chastised him in practice, and shown disapproving body language during games whenever Mozgov makes a mistake, something which unfortunately has happened often in eleven games.

At first glance, some would see this as James taking out all his frustrations on just one player. That said, James’ tactic with Mozgov is actually the best thing for Cleveland’s center.

Article continued here

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