Will Cleveland Browns Keep Josh McCown on a Short Leash Sunday?

Well, there you have it. Despite showing signs of progress last Sunday, quarterback Johnny Manziel is back to second string with the Cleveland Browns. Josh McCown has been cleared by NFL concussion protocol, and will get the start for Cleveland this weekend against the Oakland Raiders.

Kudos to the Browns for feeling someone with an 18-35 career record is the best option available. I’m sure McCown is totally the guy who can lead this team back to the playoffs.

Jokes aside, I can see why Cleveland went with McCown. Overall, the team is taking the safe route, going with the guy believed to have earned the job throughout the offseason. The vets respect him, and the Browns feel he has a better grasp on the offense.

This is all well and good, but I’d like to pose a serious question.

What happens if McCown struggles Sunday?

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