Time for Browns’ Terrelle Pryor to Put Up or Shut Up

The NFL regular season kicks off this week, and for the Cleveland Browns, it’s time to see if one of their biggest training camp storylines is actually going to pay off.

The Browns took a leap of faith by signing former quarterback Terrelle Pryor as a receiver. They took an even bigger jump by keeping him on their final roster despite the fact he was hurt through most of camp. It wasn’t a unanimously popular decision among the fan base, nor does it seem to have been something everyone in the locker room was in support of.

Regardless, what’s done is done, and Pryor is getting ready for his first professional season as a wide receiver this week. It goes without saying he has a lot to prove, and to be frank, he better show the Browns they were right to keep him. Cleveland made a huge gamble in signing Pryor over other wideouts, and he better do everything he can to reward the team for this.

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