Cleveland Browns Fans’ “Fail for Cardale” Movement is Embarrassing

The Cleveland Browns are known for having some of the most passionate and loyal fans in the country. While the team has been busy finding new and fun ways to lose, the fans continue to show support, hoping one day the undying devotion will all pay off.

That said, this hardly means said fans are immune to their fair share of embarrassing moments. Right now, you can find one of these just by looking at Twitter.

As everyone knows, the Browns haven’t had a reliable quarterback since the 80’s. Therefore, fans are always desperate for the next potential savior to join the team and end the QB carousel. At the moment, they’re so desperate they’d like Cleveland to tank this season so the team can draft current Ohio State starter Cardale Jones next year.

Yes, #FailForCardale is a real thing. And it’s pathetic.

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