Cleveland Indians Keep Carlos Carrasco, Focus on Next Year Instead of Rebuilding

The MLB trade deadline has come and gone, and one of the biggest targets on the Cleveland Indians remains on the roster.

Coming into this week, there were plenty of rumors being tossed around regarding starter Carlos Carrasco. In the middle of a quality season while carrying a team-friendly contract, Carrasco had many clubs calling Cleveland to check on the asking price. The Tribe continued to insist – even to Carrasco himself – he was not for sale. But, when you’re talking about the trade deadline, nothing is ever official ’til the deadline passes.

However, despite creating more interest with his two-hit, complete game win over the Oakland A’s last night, Carrasco wasn’t traded. As it stands, this seems to be a clear sign the Indians aren’t giving up with their current cast, focusing on turning things around next season.

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