Cleveland Browns Must Find Roster Spot for Terrelle Pryor

NFL training camp is right around the corner, and it’s typically the time of year where fans across the league start drinking the Kool-Aid about their respective team’s upcoming season. Every franchise is tied for first, and this is finally the year (insert team here) totally turns it around.

For the Cleveland Browns, I’m not sure how many people are going all-in on this being the year the constant losing comes to an end. However, while I’m not quite buying in on this being a great season for Cleveland, I am more than intrigued by one player currently on the team’s roster bubble.

Terrelle Pryor, who struggled in the pros as a QB, is trying to make the Browns as a wideout this offseason. It’ll be a huge transition for the former Ohio State star, and odds are stacked high against him making the cut.

That said, after everything I’ve seen, I’m ready to jump the gun. Despite how their roster situation looks, I think Cleveland needs to try and find a spot for Pryor.

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