Cleveland Cavaliers Should Listen to LeBron James and Pursue Mike Dunleavy

We’re currently counting down the minutes until NBA free agency kicks off. As of midnight tonight, teams can hit the ground running and start reaching out to potential targets. There are plenty of teams who will be grabbing the phones the second the clock allows them to do so, and that includes the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Cavs have more than a few free agents within their own roster they need to re-sign. Kevin Love is obviously the marquee player they’ll likely go after right away. The star forward has reportedly told the team he plans on coming back, and should apparently expect a five-year max offer almost immediately after free agency starts. Tristan Thompson and Iman Shumpert will also receive a call from Cleveland soon after this, as well.

Once this is all wrapped up, the Cavs can regroup with LeBron James and get him back in the fold after he opted out over the weekend.

Of course, the team will also look outside the organization to see if there are any additions it can make. And, even though James is reportedly not getting too involved in the team’s free agency plans, he’s apparently still willing to drop some hints of who he’d like to see join the roster.

According to an ESPN report, James is a big fan of Chicago Bulls forward Mike Dunleavy. As a result, the Cavs are expected to pursue the free agent sharpshooter once free agency opens up. And, though odds favor Dunleavy remaining with the Bulls, Cleveland should definitely listen to James and make a strong effort to sign him.

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