Talk of LeBron James’ Fading Legacy After Finals Loss is Ridiculous

The Cleveland Cavaliers, despite dealing with injuries which would cripple almost every team in the NBA, came up just short in the Finals, losing to the Golden State Warriors in six games. It was an inspiring run for the crippled Cavs, but one which ended in familiar fashion for any sports fans in Northeast Ohio.

As a result of this loss, some are beginning to point fingers at LeBron James, specifically at his record in the Finals. With this latest defeat, James has only won two championships in six appearances. Therefore, clearly his legacy is tarnished, at least according to some people. James couldn’t get it done this time, just like last time, so what else can you say other than the fact this latest Finals loss is too much to ignore.

If anyone honestly believes James’ legacy is tainted by this defeat, that he’s to be judged by the fact he couldn’t get a win in this series, I can’t help you. I can only assume you weren’t watching. The idea that this Finals series, despite the fact it added another loss to James’ record, should in any way paint him in a negative light is beyond laughable.

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