Cleveland Cavaliers Save Sloppiest Game for Last in Finals Elimination

Well, unfortunately Cleveland fans have been forced to watch another chapter in their long run of sports misery tonight.

The Cleveland Cavaliers, better known lately as “LeBron James and Spare Parts,” were eliminated by the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals. As valiantly as the Cavs fought to stay alive in a series many thought they were going to get swept out of, it just wasn’t enough in the end. Golden State celebrates their first title since 1975, and Cleveland fans are yet again forced to wait for a next year that continually avoids them.

You’ll read the final score of Game 6 and see what appears to be a close contest. You’ll see a fourth quarter in which the Cavs scored 36 points thanks in part to a last-minute flurry that ended up all for naught. But, dig deeper into the box score and you’ll see that, despite only losing by eight points, Cleveland put forth an effort that was just too haphazard to overcome.

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