Kevin Love’s Injury Should Increase Chances of Opting in with Cavaliers

Ever since Kevin Love suffered a dislocated shoulder during Sunday’s playoff game against the Boston Celtics, many people began hypothesizing as to just how long he’d be out of action. The Cleveland Cavaliers forward received various prognoses across social media, with some saying he could still play while others figured he was done for the year.

Obviously, not a single one of these people were, you know, actual doctors. Still, until official word is released in situations like these, speculation runs rampant. However, conjecture came to a close yesterday, as the Cavs released a statement saying Love was officially out for the entire Eastern Conference semi-finals, as he suffered a labrum tear. While nothing has been stated about whether or not Cleveland will be without Love longer than the upcoming round, it’s safe to say that, if he does play again this postseason, he’ll hardly be at 100%.

So, since paranoia over free agency is an annual tradition in the city of Cleveland, some have begun wondering if Love will ever play in a Cavs jersey again. Knowing he has a chance to opt out of his contract and hit the market this summer, there’s a likely possibility Love’s playoff resume with Cleveland will only be three games long.

However, if you ask me – and you’re reading this, so I assume you did ask – I think this injury might actually help the Cavs’ odds of retaining Love. Personally, I’ve always felt his best option was picking up the remaining year on his contract. With this latest injury news, I see nothing but more evidence of this being true.

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