No, the Cleveland Browns Shouldn’t Try to Trade for Adrian Peterson

Right now, we’re in what is referred to around the NFL as “silly season.” The big waves of free agency have come and gone, and many teams are throwing up smoke screens about potential moves they’ll make in the Draft later this month. You can rest assured you’ll be hearing plenty of stories which may come off as strange and unexpected.

For a prime example, there was yesterday’s piece from ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, who covers the Cleveland Browns. Fowler noted the Browns’ obvious lack of legit offensive weapons, and claimed the team needed to kick the tires on the idea of making a trade for embattled Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson. Noting Cleveland’s wealth of available cap space and need for a game-changer on offense, Fowler believes the team should at the very least reach out to the Vikings to see if a deal could be made.

Yes, the Browns have loads of remaining cap space. Yes, their offense needs a big shot in the arm. No, they shouldn’t go anywhere near Adrian Peterson.

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