The Scrutiny of Kevin Love Has Gotten Out of Control

It feels like it’s been forever since concerns about the revamped Cleveland Cavaliers were at an all-time high. On January 14, the team was a paltry 19-20. Today, after last night’s thorough dismantling of the Memphis Grizzlies, Cleveland is 47-26. They’ve only lost six games since everyone began panicking about their prospects.

And yet, there’s obviously a giant, humungous red flag threatening to ruin any of this team’s potential success. Kevin Love, one of the team’s big acquisitions from last offseason, is just destroying everything. He’s been a disaster offensively, he’s easily one of the Cavaliers’ worst players, and he hates teammate LeBron James with a passion which cannot be equalized.

Essentially every word from the previous paragraph has been over exaggerated by about 100%. However, you might not think this is the case if you’ve been reading up on all of the “controversy” surrounding Love and his place with the Cavaliers.

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