Patriots-Jets Rivalry Hits New Low with Latest Tampering Charge

Let’s get this started by stating the obvious: the New England Patriots and New York Jets don’t like each other.

They’re division adversaries in the AFC East. The teams play in two cities which already have established rivalries with each other via other local sports teams. And, lately, one of them—the Patriots – is winning at a much more frequent rate, causing a bit of kid-brother syndrome with the other – the Jets.

Additionally, these two teams have a history of issues off the field, as well. We all remember the famous Spygate incident of 2007, when then-Jets coach Eric Mangini ratted out his former mentor, Pats coach Bill Belichick, for videotaping New York’s defensive coaching signals during a regular season game. If the relationship between these two teams wasn’t icy enough, this certainly didn’t help matters.

Now, Spygate was certainly an instance which merited a lot of attention from the NFL. The latest issue between these two clubs, to be blunt, is not one of those instances.

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