Indians Preview: Tyler Naquin Deserves a Shot to Build Off His 2019 Success

Jason Miller-Getty Images

In a perfect world, the Cleveland Indians could spend 2020 finding fair opportunities for every member of their outfield hoard. As has been hammered home for months now, this summer’s campaign will be anything but perfect.

The Indians have plans for almost all of the ten outfielders gunning for a final roster spot, just 60 games to implement them and no minor league playing time available for those who draw the short straw. It’s an admittedly messy situation, one which further complicates the one area of Cleveland’s roster with the least amount of clarity.

These complications will likely force the Indians to scrap a few of the projects they had on tap this year. As a result, some outfielders will unfortunately see their opportunities limited or, worse, erased in the months ahead.

Tyler Naquin shouldn’t be one of those players.

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