Can Carlos Santana Convince the Indians to Pick Up His 2021 Option?

Jason Miller/Getty Images

$17.5 million.

That’s how much it’ll cost the Cleveland Indians to keep Carlos Santana next year for his age-35 season.

It’s a high price tag, even considering the career year Santana just completed. It was high heading into this season, when Cleveland was prepping for a 162-game campaign.

When MLB began discussing an 82-game season sans fans, Santana’s option suddenly looked like a cost-cutting bullseye. Still, another productive year, paired with his tenure in Cleveland, may have helped his cause.

Now? 60 games to earn an eight-figure option during a season without ticket revenue?

At first glance, the uphill battle Santana is now facing sure looks predetermined.

Is it, though? Is there anything Cleveland’s longtime first baseman can do to convince the team to keep him for next season? Or is the upcoming campaign officially Santana’s swan song with the Indians?

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